Schick Milling Unit Accessories, Suction Tub Set for Table-top Version

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Schick suction tub, holder for table top and separator

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Suction Tub Set for table top version; suction tub, holder for table top and separator

Suction Tub: The cooling water of the turbine is caught by the special suction tub, which is fixed on the milling machine by the magnetic fixation system. The stainless steel model table does not need any fixation as a drop of water is enough to ensure an adhesive fixation.

Separator: Special value was put to the increased health hazard on the complete removal of the abrasive dust and cooling water by the employment of a special separator. Also the complete water fog does not come thus into contact with the milling equipment. The system can be operated by connecting the separator with all commercial or central suction


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