Viktor Furgit Viktor Furgut Exclusiv-Set

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Measuring Set includes Profile Compass, Measuring Compass, Occlusal Plane Indicator, Modelling Instrument
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Profile Compass: to transfer and mark the Camper’s line from wax rim of the bite registration onto side wall of the model base; to transfer and mark the sagittal jaw ridge contour onto side wall of the model base.

Measuring Compass high-class: checking and measuring of average values of data when making bite registrations and setting up upper – and lower anterior teeth, partial- and full denture prosthetics, (according to average values of data). Occlusal Plane Indicator (OPI): Stainless steel chrome-plated with millimeter gradation: To check the occlusal plane when setting-up the lower posterior teeth (lower anterior teeth and both of distal buccal cusps of lower second molars touching OPI); For a correct horizontally leveled tooth set-up of lower jaw by the “bubble level” use; Takes up average values of data from millimeter gradation; Ruler for model analysis.

Modelling Instrument: specialized for gingiva modulation: for modeling a naturally like appearance of the gingiva; supplementary instrument for setting–up denture teeth.

Delivery includes: 1 x Profile Compass; 1 x Measuring Compass; 1 x Occlusal Plane Indicator chrome-plated; 1 x Modeling Instrument


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