VITA AKZENT Plus Body Stain Paste 4g

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AKZENT Plus Body Stains paste, 4g
BS01, yellow
BS02, yellow-brown
BS03, orange
BS04, olive grey
BS05, grey-brown

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AKZENT Plus body stains come in 5 translucent stains for modifying the shade effect of the base material. This finishing staining produces an effect of a thin colour filter.

Characterisation with AKZENT Plus. Body Stains in paste for rapid customisation.

New areas of application call for new, versatile materials. With AKZENT PLUS stains, users can optimise the shade of all types of dental ceramic restorations simply and efficiently, regardless of the CTE of the restoration.

Depending on the user’s preferred/customary method of processing and the relevant area of application, AKZENT Plus stains are available as ready-to-use pastes, powders (sold separately) and sprays (sold separately).

The glazing BODY STAINS and GLAZE material are also available separately

For all types of dental-ceramic materials, for the layering and press technique and feldspar ceramic blocks to monolithic restorations. It is suitable for all dental ceramic materials and for every CTE.

Available in three different forms depending on the method of application and each in the 5 stain shades (yellow, yellow-brown, orange, olive grey and grey-brown)
PASTE, 4g:
ready-to-use pastes with uniform consistency and homogeneous pigmentation
SPRAY, 75ml:
ready-to-use; easy-to-apply glaze and finishing akzent stains, sold separately
for unlimited flexibility and cost-effectiveness, sold separately.

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BS 01, BS 02, BS 03, BS 04, BS 05


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