Vita Akzent LC Chroma Stains 2.5ml

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VITA AKZENT LC is a light-curing stain and glaze system used for characterizing all indirect restorations made of composite, polymer and hybrid ceramic.

  • VITA AKZENT LC CHROMA STAINS are customized stains for the reliable implementation of shade corrections.
  • The system also offers a glaze material, brushes, a mixing tray and cleaning liquid.
  • Reliable reproduction of all the shade facets of natural dentition, thanks to a wide range of brilliant effect stains
  • Simple realization of shade modifications with a brush stroke, using chroma shades for plannable, systematic control of the chromaticity of dental restorations
  • Apply individual shade effects with pinpoint accuracy and apply shades highly efficiently over a large area, thanks to effect and chroma stains with ideally matched viscosities
  •  Produce restorations with consistently brilliant shade rendering and high gloss stability, thanks to stains with good wear and discoloration resistance
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Can be used universally for characterizing restorations made of hybrid ceramic,
CAD/CAM and veneering composites, as well as acrylic dentures
• Can be used in various ways for all indirect restorations from the above-mentioned materials:
for example, CAD/CAM-fabricated crowns, composite veneered bridge restorations,
full/partial dentures and long-term temporary restorations

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Red-Brown (A), Red-Sun (B), Grey-Brown (C), Grey-Red (D), Corn-Yellow (L), Red-Yellow (M2), Dark-Yellow (M3), Light-Red (R)


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