VITA AKZENT Plus Glaze Powder 5g, 30g

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VITA AKZENT Plus Glaze Powder, 5g and/or 30g

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VITA AKZENT Plus GLAZE – Glaze material for a brilliant, glass-like, homogeneous and dense surface after firing.
For uniform surfaces that shine.

GLAZE, 3 choices to choose from based on preference/work custom
AKZENT Plus Glaze, for glass like effect
AKZENT Plus Glaze LT, (powder or paste), for ceramics low temperature firing, below 800 °C, sold separately
AKZENT Plus finishing agent, (powder or paste) to create a silky matte veneer surface, sold separately

VITA AKZENT Plus Powder Fluid can be used to mix all VITA AKZENT Plus powder materials and obtain a moldable mixture with a paste-like consistency, sold separately.

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30g, 5g


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