VITA Enamic ST Super Translucent EM-14 for inLab/CEREC and Universal (Pack of 5)

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VITA ENAMIC ST Super Translucent (Pack of 5)

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VITA ENAMIC ST: The super translucent CAD/CAM block for efficient chair-side treatment is based on the clinically proven hybrid ceramic blueprint, which has been in use since 2013. Under pressure and heat, a porous pre-sintered fine structure feldspar ceramic block (86% by weight) is infiltrated with a polymer (14% by weight). The dual network also offers clear advantages with regard to inlay treatment: the minimum layer thickness in the isthmus range is only one millimetre, which allows for a minimally invasive and defect-oriented preparation. The precise edges and the excellent edge stability ensure a perfect fit. Firing is not required. After grinding, the restoration is finished and polished, and it is then ready for integration. If desired, the light-curing stains from the VITA ENAMIC STAINS kit can also be used for individualisation and glazing.

VITA ENAMIC ST hybrid ceramic – everything else is just composite

Due to the dominant ceramic network, the material can be etched and silanized in the usual way with hydrofluoric acid. This not only leads to the best adhesion values when fully adhesive bonding is used, but also saves the need to purchase a sand blasting unit, as is the required for CAD/CAM composite blocks. A dual network as with VITA ENAMIC does not exist with highly filled composites: they are made with glass or ceramic fillers embedded in a polymer matrix in the familiar manner. To apply the term hybrid ceramic to these materials is therefore misleading.

This material is ideal for inlays and onlays.

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