VITA MFT – Multi Functional Teeth Set, Posteriors

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VITA MFT (Multi Functional Teeth) with Easy-Centric, each set
Includes 8x MFT individual posterior teeth

MFT Anterior teeth are sold separately

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VITA MFT (Multi Functional Teeth) with Easy-Centric supports a professional and economical set-up procedure, increasing productivity in quality well adapted to the patient’s needs.

A new dimension in aesthetics. An all-purpose tooth for the independent market offering an excellent quality/ price ratio, MFT has a superb natural looking anatomy and a unique EasyCentric feature to help you set up quickly and easily.

Properties: • Shade stability • Abrasion resistant • Tissue friendly • First-rate material density • outstanding biocompatibility • Longevity of restorations • Plaque resistant • Splinter-free grinding • Excellent polishing properties • Perfect bonding to the • Free of residua l monomers • Denture base material

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VITA MFT Combination Chart

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1M1(≈B1), 2L1.5(≈B2), 2M1, 2M2(≈A2), 3L1.5(≈C2≈D4), 3L2.5(≈B3), 3M2, 3R2.5(≈A3.5), 4L1.5, 4M2(≈A4), 5M1(≈C4), A1, A3, C3, D3, 3M1, 3M3, C1, 0M1, 0M3


PU29, PL29, PU31, PL31, PU33, PL33


Set of 6


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