VITA PM 9 Shade Indicators

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VITA PM9 shade indicators O, T and HT
E005 (Opaque)
E010 (Translucent)

E009 (High Translucent), sold separately

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VITA PM9 (Pressable Material) is an “all-in-one” press ceramic and based on the fine-structure veneering ceramic VITA VM9 which has proved its reliability in millions of restorations. VITA PM9 covers a wide range of indications. It is suitable for the substructure-free staining and layering technique (inlay/onlay, veneer and crowns) and for overpressing zirconium oxide substructures.

VITA PM9 shade indicators O, T and HT
E005 (Opaque) – O – Dentine shades
E010 (Translucent) T – Dentine Shades
E009 (High Translucent) – HT – Enamel Shades & HT Dentine Shades, sold separately

Opaque Shade indicator for:
1M1P-O 1M2P-O 2M1P-O 2M2P-O 3M1P-O 2M3P-O 3M2P-O 3M3P-O

Translucent Shade indicator for:
0M1P-T 0M2P-T 1M1P-T 1M2P-T 2M1P-T 2M2P-T 3M1P-T 2M3P-T 3M2P-T 3M3P-T

High Translucent shade indicator, sold separately
For shades: 0M2P-HT 1M1P-HT 1M2P-HT 2M2P-HT 3M2P-HT
ENLP-HT enamel light
ENDP-HT enamel dark

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High Translucent (10 Shades), Opaque, Translucent (10 Shades)


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