VITA VM 13 Wash Opaque Powder

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VM13 Wash Opaque Powder
For formation of the required adhesive oxides. A bond to the alloy surface and for enhancing the chroma of the restoration

Photo also showing VM13 Opaque fluid, sold separately
For mixing the VITA VM powder opaque materials but not for mixing the dentine materials

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To prepare the VITA VM13 BASIC and BUILD UP layering, first apply WASH OPAQUE powder (WO) and OPAQUE Powder (0P), sold separately, to the substructure.
WASH OPAQUE Powder fulfills the following functions:
1. Formation of the required adhesive oxides
2. Formation of a bond to the alloy surface
3. Enhancing the chroma of the restoration, particularly in the case of precious metal-free alloys
Wash opaque (WO) and the respective opaque material (OP) or SUN OPAQUE (SO), sold separately, for the washbake. WO, OP and SO have the same chemical-physical properties and hence are perfectly suitable for the washbake. For opaque firing, one opaque material is required for reproducing the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades (one for each lightness level OP0-OP5) and the VITA classical A1–D4 shades (one for each shade).

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