VITA VM 9 Base Dentine Classical 50g

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VITA VM9 Base Dentine excels in its refraction and reflection behaviour which can be compared to that of enamel.
The porcelain is distinguished by particular light refraction/reflexion characteristics. Can easily be cut and polished.

Also suitable for the individualisation of Vitablocs and PM 9

The VITA VM9 BUILD UP layering includes the application of the three materials BASE DENTINE, TRANSPA DENTINE and ENAMEL.
The combination of colour-bearing BASE DENTINE and translucent TRANSPA DENTINE in the VITA VM 9 BUILD UP layering creates an enhanced effect of depth in the restoration, which results in even more convincing reproduction of the natural example. The use of the three-layer method permits reduced and more individual application of the ENAMEL materials.

By combining ENAMEL and TRANSPA DENTINE according to the layer thickness of BASE DENTINE, the intensity of the shade can be individualized. An increased proportion of BASE DENTINE results in an intensified shade whereas larger quantities of TRANSPA DENTINE and ENAMEL will reduce the chroma of the shade.
Note: The shade effect of the restoration is mainly influenced by BASE DENTINE. Analogously to natural teeth, the TRANSPA DENTINE materials create a harmonious transition to the enamel.

The use of CHROMA PLUS materials helps to achieve perfect shade reproduction in the cervical area.
To obtain a brighter or warmer shade, the respective TRANSPA DENTINE can either be mixed with SUN DENTINE or replaced by SUN DENTINE. When using CHROMA PLUS or SUN DENTINE materials, the final result of the restoration may differ significantly from the shade sample.

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