VITA VM LC Flow Effect Enamel

EE1 whitish
EE11 greyish-translucent
EE12 grey-beige
EE2 pastel
EE5 yellowish-translucent
EE6 reddish-translucent
EE7 orange-translucent
EE9 bluish-translucent

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Use EFFECT ENAMEL flow and / or ENAMEL flow, sold separately
Then set by curing briefly. Translucent enamel effect material for all enamel areas – to achieve a natural effect of depth.

The VITA VM LC flow materials can be mixed with one another. Moreover, the VITA VM LC flow materials can be shaded by combining with VITA VM LC PAINT materials, sold separately.

Tip:In order to prevent bubbles during mixing, an instrument should be used for mixing rather than a brush.

Application of VITA VM LC or VITA VM LC flow:
Restoration prepared for individualization.Incorporate incisal translucent effects, with e.g. EFFECT ENAMEL flow EE9 and EE2. If required, set by curing briefly.
Layering mamelons can be done with e.g. EFFECT ENAMEL flow EE2 and EE5. If required, set by curing briefly. Build up the tooth shape using ENAMEL flow and / or EFFECT ENAMEL flow.

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EE1, EE11, EE12, EE2, EE5, EE6, EE7, EE9


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