VITA VMK Master Opaque Dentine 3D Master + 3 bleach shades, 12g

£19.00 excl. VAT+Carg.

VMK Master Opaque Dentine
3D Master shades, 12g each
Plus OM1, OM2, OM3 bleaching shades

VMK Master Opaque dentine 50g sold separately
VMK Master Opaque dentine Classical shades sold sepatately

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VITA VMK Master® OPAQUE DENTINE – supports the shade effect if only little space is available – to be used in the gingival area to avoid loss in color of pontics

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0M1, 0M2, 0M3, 1M1, 1M2, 2L1.5, 2L2.5, 2M1, 2M2, 2M3, 2R1.5, 2R2.5, 3L1.5, 3L2.5, 3M1, 3M2, 3M3, 3R1.5, 3R2.5, 4L1.5, 4L2.5, 4M1, 4M2, 4M3, 4R1.5, 4R2.5, 5M1, 5M2, 5M3


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