VITA YZ HT Shade Liquid Chroma

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YZ High Translucent Shade Liquid Chroma, 20ml
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YZ High Translucent Shade Liquid Chroma, A, B, C & D

YZ HT Shade Liquids, for custom colouring of monolithic VITA YZ HT restorations prior to sintering. VITA YZ HT SHADE LIQUIDs are available in 7 VITA classical A1 – D4 shades and in 7 VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades, as well as additional supplementary shades for the gingival, cervical and incisal areas.

VITA YZ HT SHADE LIQUID is perfectly tailored to highly-translucent VITA YZ HT White for colouring using the brush technique. The best results are obtained with the colouring liquids when this combination is used. The liquids can also be used in combination with VITA YZ HT Color restorations. However, due to the pigments that are already present, deviations in terms of shade may occur prior to sintering.

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Chroma A, Chroma B, Chroma C, Chroma D


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