A Bio-Art A7 Plus Articulator (Bioart)

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Bio-Art A7Plus Articulator
Option; with or without Elite Face Bow

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NEWS (2019): BioArt A7 Plus is included in Exocad Software

BioArt articulators are designed to reproduce the static and dynamic mandible positions for occlusion and occlusal pathology study, confection of complete, partial and removable prostheses as well as for making interocclusal devices (trays)

BioArt A7Plus Articulator
Robust structure made of aluminum, assuring greater stability. Design that provides greater visibility
• Semi-adjustable / Arcon Type;
• Fixed Intercondylar distance at the average 110 mm;
• Curved condylar guide;
• Adjustable condylar guide angle;
• Adjustable Bennet Angle;
• Central Lock;
• Stabilization system of Condylar Guide movement with silicone connection;
• Pin to support the Upper Frame at the open position.

Supplied with or without the popular Elite Face Bow.
Calibrated Interchangeable articulators can be ordered

Elite Face Bow
The new Elite Face-Bow brings an articulated and fixation system for the fork that allows a faster registration process for the professional and comfortable for the patient. It has a jig transfer assembly that eliminates the needs for face-bow in the assembling process of the casts in the articulator, turning the process faster, more practical and stable. Its Naziun Relator with adjustable height, including an infra-orbital indicator, turns the registration process more precise. The face-bow is equipped with a sliding system which allows smooth lateral movement (opening/closing) and facilitates the overall use. The ear pieces are anatomical, removable and chemically sterilized.


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with Elite face-bow, without face-bow, Bundle: 2 x A7 Plus & 1 Elite Face Bow


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