Pana D.Rect Rusnon Decontaminate and Instrument Cleaner with anti-corrosion effect

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Rusnon, 1.2Litres with 40ml dosing cap
Used neat or diluted
Rusnon mixing ration 1:2 water, makes 2.4L

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Anti-corrosive cleaning disinfectant for instruments with 40ml dosing cap. Also ideal as a wet storage medium. Can be used neat or diluted with water 1:2 (making 2.0 Litres). Contains 20% chlorhexidine gluconate.
Remove any body tissues or fluids by manual brushing, or placing in an ultrasonic bath, in the diluted solution. Then replace in fresh solution. This product will act as a disinfectant. Dilute one part of product with 2 parts of deionised water. Rinse instruments with sterile or deionised water before autocalving in accordance with recognised methods. Use fresh solution for each batch of instruments, and at least daily.

Diluted solution may also be used as a general hard surface spray or on dry wipes. Wipe over surface and allow to dry naturally. Do not wipe dry.

Product is to be used for the cleaning and decontamination of dental instruments prior to autoclaving, surgery surfaces & equipment.

Most microorganisms will be removed in 5 to 15 minutes. for elimination of fungi leave in solution for 60 minutes.

The active ingredients have been shown to be active against gram positive and negative bacteria, fungi, yeasts and enveloped viruses (HIV, influenza, herpes, hepititis B, measles, vaccinia, coronavirus).

Each 100ml contains 0.85g didecyldimethylammonium chloride, 0.85g benzalkonium chloride, activity boosters, anticorrosion and cleaning auxilary compounds. Total quaternary compounds less than 3%.

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