Dreve DynaX 4 in 1 Impression Material – Mono – 50ml Cartridges

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Dynax is a clever and innovative variation on present day impression materials by combining:

  1. Snap Setting – Long working time: 1min 30 secs. Short intra-oral setting time: 1 min 30 secs
  2. Hydrophilic Properties – A 50% improvement on standard materials
  3. Mechanical Properties
    • Least hard material for easy removal (Just 58¬†ShoreA)
    • Short processing time (Just 1 min: 30 secs)
    • Quickest removal time (Just 3 minutes)
    • High Tensile strength for accurate results and no tearing (4.2 N/mm)
    • Highly Tear resistant (4.4 MPa)
    • High Flexibility (168% before it breaks)
  4. Scannability

All in one material when normally you would need to buy separate materials to achieve the same.

Try comparing it to material you currently use.

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2 x 50ml, 8 x 50ml, 380ml


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