Dreve Zerosil Soft Silicone

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Zerosil Soft Prosthetic A Silicone, Impression material
orange, 500ml or 875ml tubes or 380ml cartridge

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A very popular addition-vulcanising impression silicone, high-quality, but economical alternative to alginate, especially for situation imoressions.

Advantages: Easy and fast application due to 380ml huge cartridge system; Endless storable impressions; Can be easily disinfected; Compatible with all kinds of plaster; Can be filled several times

Final hardness 40 shore; Processing time 120sec; Removal after 2min at 37 degrees C; Consistency medium type 2; Strain in compression 10.5; Recovery from deformation more than 99.5%; Linear dimensional change less than 0.2%

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2 x 500ml, 2 x 875ml, 2 x 380ml


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