Lampert PUK D6 Micro-Pulse Welder

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Especially designed for Dental Technicians, this compact and versatile micro pulse welder takes on all the tasks normally undertaken by laser or TIFG welders … at a fraction of the price. 

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Display with high colour brilliance and transparent display of performance parameters

Clear design language with timeless aesthetics as a visual highlight at every workplace

Noble, selected materials for highest demands on value and appearance



70% higher display resolution with increased viewing angle under all environmental conditions


Optimum welding curves for all commercially available dental alloys

Higher maximum power and improved welding performance – especially with highly conductive alloys – thanks to the new speed function

New standby function – fast restart, minimal energy consumption



Single-screen menu for intuitive and fast selection of the right performance parameters through direct control with one-hand joystick with turn-push-tilt function

Faster maximum spot weld sequence due to extended speed function – selectable in 3 levels

Refined micro mode with narrower gradation enables extended spectrum when welding at the



In contrast to simple mechanical protection systems, the PUK welding microscope is equipped with an LCD welding eye protection system specially developed and certified for Lampert. This eye protection system has decisive advantages for your safety.

For one thing, the field of vision is not completely darkened during welding, which results in less eye fatigue.

On the other hand, the Lampert system permanently protects against the radiations (UV and IR) generated during welding.

Even in case of a possible malfunction, there is safety for the welder’s eyes! After 12 years of development, we are convinced that the two essential requirements for the optics of a welding microscope are:  a fixed 10x magnification and a large 20mm diameter field of view.

In other words, as few mechanical components or functions as possible that could be damaged by the vibrations generated during welding.

Here, too, quality and durability are our top priorities.

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Lampert PUK D6 Welder excl Microscope, Lampert Welding Microscope, Lampert Flow Regulator


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