New Nacera Pearl Shaded Discs in Vita Shades 16+2

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Nacera® Pearl Shaded 16+2 natural highly translucent Zirconium oxide
Shaded  in 16 VITA & 2 bleach shades, ø 98.3mm, each

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Nacera®  Pearl shaded is a German premium-product made of highly translucent zirconium oxide, that guarantees natural-looking restorations. The combination of extreme flexural strength (1400 MPa) and high translucency is made for maximum aesthetics. The homogeneously shaded blanks are now available in 18 newly developed colours consistently matching the Vita classical shade guide perfectly each time. Nacera®  Pearl shaded is not only frequently used for full contour Zirconia restorations, but also provides a reliable basis for substructures in the layering technique. Our shaded blanks speed up the production considerably while simultaneously increasing the aesthetic quality of the result.

The instant fit process accurately determines the shrinkage factor to five decimal places for each zirconium oxide blank. Accounting for natural fluctuations within a batch provides precision sintering sizing with greater accuracy and reduced seating times.

Benefits & indications: Perfect colour match – each time, every time
Multiple indications – extreme flexural strength paired with high translucency for all requirements Shaded blanks increase reliability of production processes and eliminate the danger of white spots during regrinding
Cost efficient – because no dipping and drying necessary
Excellent Machinability: Thin margins can be milled without having to worry about chipping or cracks. Lifetime of milling burs increases up to 15% Naturaly esthetic for monolithic restauration
Flexural strength 1400 MPa (biaxial) – up to two pontics posterior

Material ZRO2 3Y-TZP
Color shaded natural high-translucent
Density > 6,04 g/cm3
Flexural strength (biaxial) 1400 MPa
Compressive strength 3000 MPa
Modulus of elasticity 205 GPa
Impact Resistance 8 MPa m1/2
Vickers Hardness 1300 HV 0,5
Thermal expansion 10 10-6 k-1
Thermal conductivity 2 W/mK
Mean linear intercept < 0,4 mm
Radioactivity < 0,02 Bq/g
Solubility < 10 mg/cm2
Composition ZrO2 + HfO2 + Y2 O3 > 99%, Y2 O3 4,5%- 6%

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