Orbis ORBI-HiFil

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Light-curing fine hybrid composite in 4 basic VITA Colours, of excellent handling, longr processing time and reduced shrinkage. The more frequent particle size is only 0.7 μm, thus excellent polishfromility and excellent aesthetics.

  • Not sticky
  • Easy to model
  • High depth of cure and very insensitive to daylight
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low voltages during polymerization
  • Wheeliopaque
  • BPA-free

Successfully tested in Scandinavian long-term studies.

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Colour A2, Refill Syringe 1 x 1,4g, Colour A3, Refill Syringe 1 x 4g, Colour A3.5, Refill Syringe 1 x 4g, Colour A1, Refill, 20 x 0,25g, Colour A2, Refill PLT, 20 x 0,2 g, Colour A3, Refill PLT, 20 x 0,25 g, Colour A3.5, Refill PLT, 20 x 0,25g


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