Orbis – Silicone Carbide Cutting Discs

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High-quality cutting discs, particularly break-proof, made of pure silicon carbide,
therefore leave no dark traces of sanding on ceramics

• Long service life


For fine cutting, 0,20 mm, Ø 22 mm, max. 15.000 1/Min., Pack of 100

For separating casting channels on model casting and NEM stands, 0.30 mm, Ø 22 mm, max. 15,000 1 / min, Pack of 200

For Chrome Cobalt, 0.60mm, Ø 25 mm, max. 15,000 1 / min, Pack of 100

For chrome cobalt and NEM alloys of glass fiber reinforcement, very long life and very abrasive, 1.00 mm, Ø 40 mm, max. 25,000 1 / min, Pack of 5s

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22 x 0.2mm, 22 x 0.3mm, 25 x 0.6mm, 40 x 1.0mm