Scheutz Sebond Implant Composite Bonder (5ml)

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For bonding titanium abutments to individualized zirconium dioxide abutments or supra-constructions. Glue individual abutments to the corresponding adhesive base.

The full system consists of:

  • Sebond Implant: The bonding agent prepares the zirconium dioxide surface for secure bonding.
  • Alphalink Implant: The fixing composite bonds your framework to the abutment.

Use this system for secure adhesion of supra constructions to abutments.

Bond the following materials: Zirconium dioxide | Precious metal
Non-precious alloys | Titanium | Ceramics

Unequaled bond strength values:

Zirconium dioxide: > 20 MPa
Titanium: > 30 MPa


  • The material offers the highest level of safety, as it was especially developed for bonding
  • The system adapts to the user:
  • Intraoral use = quick curing
  • Use on models = longer working range
  • High bond strength
  • Long term stability due to the specially adapated formula
  • Saves time
  • Facilitates accurate work:The pasty consistency lets you remove excess material very easily


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