VITA MFT Colour/ Shade Sample key

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15 MFT Shade tabs.

Shades: VITA MFT Anteriores und Posteriores are available in 13 VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER (0M1, 0M3, 1M1, 2L1.5, 2M1, 2M2, 3L1.5, 3L2.5, 3M2, 3R2.5, 4L1.5, 4M2, 5M1) and 4 VITA classical (A1, A3, C3, D3) shades.

MFT: An excellent material quality is safeguarded by the use of densely cross-linked acrylic material which excels in first-rate material density consistently throughout the entire tooth and in an outstanding biocompatibility.


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