VITA MFT – Multi Functional Teeth Set, Anteriors

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VITA MFT (Multi Functional Teeth) with Easy-Centric
Set includes: 6x Anterior MFT individual teeth per strip

Set of Posterior MFT teeth, sold separately

Note: Mould L37LN (Long Neck) was specially developed for simulating particular periodontal characteristics which, for example, occur in partial prosthetics.

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VITA MFT (Multi Functional Teeth) with Easy-Centric which supports a professional and economical set-up procedure, increasing productivity in quality, well adapted to the patient’s needs.

Vita MFT, the new dimension in aesthetics. The natural looking anatomy of VITA MFT anteriors with approximal contacts in the area of the incisal third being slightly placed towards the palate, enables a trouble-free and apparently organic alignment of the teeth.

The anatomically correct labial curve leads to a physiologically perfect set-up of the teeth where discretely broadened tooth necks support an age-appropriate papilla design.

A new dimension in aesthetics. An all-purpose tooth for the independent market offering an excellent quality/ price ratio. MFT has a superb natural looking anatomy and a unique Easy-Centric feature to help you set up both quickly and easily. The teeth are easy to set up: they find their centric position, as it were, all by themselves (“Easy-Centric concept”). This refers in particular to an exactly calculated cusp-fossa relationship, the flatter cuspal inclination and the pre-abraded occlusal surfaces. This occlusal design also permits the efficient lingualised setup which minimises horizontal shear forces. That stabilises the
prosthesis during the process of mastication and increases its longevity

Properties: • Shade stability • Abrasion resistant • Tissue friendly • First-rate material density • outstanding biocompatibility • Longevity of restorations • Plaque resistant • Splinter-free grinding • Excellent polishing properties • Perfect bonding to the • Free of residua l monomers • Denture base material

Suited for: Full dentures; Implant prosthetics; Telescope and cone constructions; Attachment dentures; Model cast prostheses; Interim solutions

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VITA MFT Combination Chart

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1M1(≈B1), 2L1.5(≈B2), 2M1, 2M2(≈A2), 3L1.5(≈C2≈D4), 3L2.5(≈B3), 3M2, 3R2.5(≈A3.5), 4L1.5, 4M2(≈A4), 5M1(≈C4), A1, A3, C3, D3, 3M1, 3M3, C1, 0M1, 0M3


O40, O44, O49, T41, T43, T46, T49, R42, R45, R47, S47, S50, L33, L34, L37, L37LN, L40


Set of 6


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