VITA Suprinity Universal (Holder) Translucent & High Translucent LS-14 Blocks

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VITA SUPRINITY Universal Blocks available in:
Translucency degrees T and HT
Size LS-14, 12x 14x 18, £85.00,  pack of 5 blocks

Vita Suprinity & Suprinity IS blocks sold separately

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VITA SUPRINITY, a new generation of glass ceramic material products. The innovative glass ceramic is enriched with zirconia (approx. 10 % by weight) to offer practices and laboratories a high-strength, zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate ceramic (ZLS).

Vity Suprinity Universal block is a block with universal holder system. Can be used for the following CAD/CAM Systems: CORiTEC line (imes-icore GmbH); DWX line (Roland Digital Group); CS 3000 (Carestream Inc); K-/S devices (VHF Camfacture AG); Ultrasonic line (Sauer GmbH/DMG Mori Seiki AG); RXD line (Roeders GmbH)

Vita Suprinity & Suprinity IS blocks sold separately

For Anterior and posterior crowns on implant abutments; Anterior and posterior crowns; Inlays / Onlays / Partial crowns; Veneers

Practices/laboratories benefit from:

  • high reliability thanks to zirconia-reinforced glass ceramic matrix
  • optimized edge stability compared to lithium disilicate (Sirona‘s MC XL system)
  • simple processing thanks to good polishing characteristics and high firing stability
  • brilliant aesthetics based on integrated translucency, opalescence and fluorescencePhysical / mechanical properties:
    CTE 10-6; K-1 approx. 12.3; 3-point flexural strength  approx. 420MPa; Modulus of elasticity approx. 70GPa; Hardness according to Vickers (HV)  approx. 7000MPa; Chemical solubility approx. 40 µg/cm2
    Components Wt%:
    ZrO2 (zirconia) 8 – 12; SiO2 (silicon dioxide) 56 – 64; Li2O (lithium oxide)15 – 21; Pigments <10; Various  > 10

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0M1, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, C2, D2

Translucency degrees

Translucent, High translucent


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