VITA VM 11 Effect Chroma

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VM11 Effect Chroma, 12g
Fine-structure ceramic for individualisation of VITA SUPRINITY
EC1 ghost (white)
EC5 golden rod (light orange)
EC11 gravel (green-grey)

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Vita VM11 A low melting fine-structure feldspar ceramic that has been developed especially for individualising crown substructures made of zirconia reinforced lithium silicate ceramic (ZLS) Suprinity only. Due to its individual CTE, a separate veneering material is required for this new generation glass ceramic. The perfectly matched CTE values of substructure and veneering materials help minimise stress to ensure superior bonding and veneering reliability that is free of warping. Ideal for individualising of Vita Suprinity.

Features: Highly aesthetic restorations: The high translucency and warm shades of Vita VM11, in combination with the opalescent effect of Vita Suprinity, creates highly aesthetic restorations with a vivid play of colours; Stress-free and reliable bonding is ensured through a perfect match of both CTE ranges; Excellent grinding and polishing properties: Its smooth and densely sealed surface can be easily and quickly polished; Simple processing: Excellent stability, minimal shrinkage and high edge stability due to the excellent moisture absorption of Vita Suprinity, multiple layering without liner firing or wash bake is possible; Unsurpassed firing stability results in very high dimensional stability even after several firings.

Technical data:

CTE (25-500°C), 10¯⁶. K¹, 11.2-11.6; Softening point approx. 600°C; Transformation temperature approx. 540°C; Solubility in acids approx. 8µg/cm²; Average particle size approx. 18µm; 3-point flexural strength approx. 100MPa.

Assortments available (Dentine, Creative) separately

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EC1, EC5, EC11


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