VITA VM 9 Base Dentine 3D Master 12g

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VM 9 Base Dentine 3D Master shades,  12g each

VM 9 Base Dentine in Classical A1-D4 shades, 12g sold separately

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VITA VM9 BASIC layering consists of the application of the two materials BASE DENTINE and ENAMEL sold separately. The color-bearing BASE DENTINE materials, which provide good coverage, offer the perfect precondition for the preparation of veneers with intensive shades. This two-layer variation offers an ideal solution in particular for the reproduction of the optimal shade of restorations with thin walls. Additionally, the intensive shade effect of the BASE DENTINE porcelains permits a variable use of the ENAMEL porcelains, sold separately, which create the desired translucency. The user is able to prepare a natural restoration with a lifelike appearance with only two layers.

The VITA VM9 BUILD UP layering includes the application of the three materials BASE DENTINE, TRANSPA DENTINE sold separately and ENAMEL sold separately.

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