VITAPAN Teeth Set of 6 – Anteriors Classical Shades

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Vitapan, 1 set of 6 individual teeth per strip
* can also be ordered in bleaching shades OM1 & OM3
O = Ovoid, T = Tapering, X = Rectangular, Z = Square, L = Lower Anteriors

Note: Panadent stocks Vitapan Classical shades. Vitapan 3D MASTER shades 1M1 to 5M3 can be ordered through the Panadent sales team directly.

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MRP (Micro Reinforced Polyacrylic Material) – Fully Anatomical A timeless classic. This long established range is built following a hand layered technique which gives each tooth individuality, normally only found in natural dentition. Stocked in Vita Classical shades A1-D4 but can be ordered in Vita 3D Master® shades 1M1-5M3.

Properties: Moderate labial curvature; 3 layers manual build up; Moderate palatal ridges; Very nice shade light reflecting behaviour; Homogenous; Excellent function.

* Some moulds available in bleached shades OM1 & OM3 only

Vitapan® posteriors sets are available in Cuspiform (semi anatomical) or Synoform (gerontoanatomical) moulds, both sold separately.

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VITA_Physiodens Combination Chart1

VITA_Physiodens Combination Chart2

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OM1, OM3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3, D4


O13, O25, O34, O35, O43, O86, O97, O98*, O99, T36*, T53, T56, T66, T67, T76*, T77*, T88*, T98, T99, X13, X66, X77, X87, X96, X99, Z51, Z61, Z74, Z84, Z85, Z97, L3, L5*, L5L, L7*, L9, L11*, L13, L15, L4*, L8, L10, L12, L14


Set of 6


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