1. Contract Contents
    1. Orders may be placed in writing, by telephone, by telefax, via e-mail or via internet. If the order is not explicitly confirmed by PANADENT, acceptance of the order is acknowledged by dispatch of the goods by PANADENT.
    2. The goods register and price list of the PANADENT catalogue are subject to alterations. The PANADENT terms and prices valid at the time of the order being placed are decisive. Should through no fault of PANADENT delivery takes place later than four months following placement of the order, the prices valid at the date of delivery will be applied. Mistakes and printer’s errors are non-binding.
    3. Due to legal restrictions, not all the offered products can be made available in all countries. In particular the shipping of hazardous materials is heavily regulated and involves additional fees. PANADENT will keep customers well informed of this.
    4. The catalogue prices are net prices.
    5. Price increases for individual components of alloys e.g. Precious Metals, may result in price adjustments.
  2. Delivery
    1. Delivery of goods is effected from PANADENT stock either in the UK, or Panadent’s collaborative partners in Germany. Additional transportation costs for partial deliveries will be added. However, the calculation of delivery costs is based on the weight of the order and on the way of transport.
    2. Should the punctual delivery of goods be hindered due to reasons for which the customer is responsible, and after the application of a further deadline of 10 days, PANADENT has the right either to demand payment, to withdraw from the contract or to demand compensation.
    3. Goods are insured for dispatch. Possible transport damages have to be reported to PANADENT as soon as discovered.
  3. Extension of Delivery Period
    1. In case of an Act of God, industrial conflict actions, official measures and any other disruption of operations arising through no fault of PANADENT and which last or are expected to last longer than one week, the dispatch deadline will be appropriately extended for the duration of the hindrance.
    2. In the event of an occurrence of point 1 the customer has the right of withdrawal as long as notification of such is given at least two weeks in advance.
    3. Compensation claims will not be accepted in the aforementioned cases.
  4. Payment
    1. The invoice will be drawn up on the day of delivery or availability of the goods.
    2. PANADENT expects payment in advance. (Arising bank charges will be charged to our customers.) Payment by credit card (VISA, AMEX, and MASTERCARD) is available. Bank fees are omitted when paying by credit card. Other payment options are available on request. Charges may apply.
    3. Payment within 30 days is only granted after consultation with PANADENT. Payment via PayPal is possible when not in combination of special promotions. We reserve the right to charge additional processing fees.
  5. Delay in Payment
    1. As interests of defaulted payment 6 % interest rate will be charged. In addition up to £6.00 reminder charges will be debited. Unless payment of the due invoice amount including interests of defaulted payment is effected, PANADENT is not obliged to fulfil further deliveries or can demand cash in advance.
    2. If one invoice amount is in delay all other invoices immediately become due.
  6. Setting off of Payment/Credit Note
    1. The setting off of payment is only permissible in the case of undisputed claims which have been established as being legally valid. This does not apply where suspension of payment is put into effect by PANADENT.
    2. In all cases, credit amounts will be taken into account with the next invoice.
  7. Notice of Defects
    1. Complaints must be made in writing by completing the Certificate of Return (attached to the goods delivered). Notification of such must be made to PANADENT within a maximum of 20 days following receipt of the goods. No complaints will be accepted once processing of the delivered goods has been commenced.
    2. Customary trade deviations or slight, technically unavoidable deviations do not qualify as defects.
    3. In the case of justifiable complaints, PANADENT retains the right to correct such or to deliver functional replacement goods.
    4. The period of limitation for any warranty claims shall be 12 months unless longer periods are prescribed by law.
  8. Exchange of Goods
    1. The Certificate of Return (attached to the goods delivered) must always be completed for goods being returned in order to be exchanged. The reason for return must be given on the certificate. No credits will be given by PANADENT for goods which have not reached PANADENT.
    2. Intact and unopened material will only be exchanged by PANADENT within 14 days after receipt of goods on request of the customer.
    3. Appliances are only exchanged after explicit and written agreement. For not agreed return of appliances the handling charge amounts to 10 % of the sales price, but is at least € 15,00. Appliances which have been in use or of which the packaging is damaged, are generally excluded from exchange.
    4. In all case the costs of returning the goods will be carried by the customer, whereby PANADENT retains the right to raise an extra charge for processing costs.
    5. Special orders and custom products are excluded from exchange.
  9. Spare Parts
    1. Spare parts may not be returned or exchanged.
    2. Published documents, drawings, lists or similar are no repair instructions.
    3. The maintenance of electric appliances must only be done by a certified electrician.
    4. In case of inadequate maintenance any liability is excluded.
  10. Waste electrical and electronic equipment
    1. All units with a label of a crossed out dustbin may not be disposed in the domestic waste.
    2. If you would like to dispose a unit bought by us please contact our service centre number 0168881788. Our service centre has to be able to see clearly that the unit was purchased from us. The transport costs for the return to us are to be borne by the customer. Further charges for the disposal will be provided by Panadent.
  11. Customer Service
    1. PANADENT repairs all units from their own delivery programme.
    2. Faulty appliances have to be sent back to PANADENT for repair. All costs will have to be charged to the customer except in an event of warranty.
  12. Retention of Ownership
      1. The delivered goods (goods of retention) remain the property of PANADENT until all demands arising out of the business relationship with the customer have been completely fulfilled.
      2. The customer is authorized to re-sell or dispose otherwise of his goods as long as the customer is not in arrears with his obligations due to PANADENT. Once the goods of retention have been processed, PANADENT is entitled to a joint owner – ship of the new products based on a proportion of the value of the original goods compared to the value of the processed items, and at least to the amount of the outstanding demands. The customer must relinquish all additional rights and possible securities to PANADENT. PANADENT is authorized to draw in, until further notice, all obligations arising from the re-sale or disposal. Upon request from PANADENT the customer is obliged to inform his purchasers of the effected transfer in favour of PANADENT and to provide PANADENT with all necessary information and documents required to facilitate the drawing in.
      3. To pledge goods of retention or to transfer ownership of securities for such goods to a third party is excluded. In the case of legal seizure of goods, the customer must explicitly draw attention to the retention of ownership and immediately inform PANADENT.
  13. Place of Fulfilment and Legal Domicile The place of fulfilment for all obligations under the Contract of Delivery and he legal domicile is the PANADENT headquarters.
  14. International Business For international business the following additional terms apply:
    1. Every business including cheque and bill business is subject to the German civil and commercial law.
    2. All banking charges are to be borne by the customer. Occurring clearance costs have to be paid by the customer.
  15. Software and Hardware For software and hardware the corresponding software and hardware contracts apply.
  16. Effectiveness of the Clause Should individual clauses be or become ineffective or should the stipulation therein be incomplete, the legal effectiveness of the other clauses remain unaffected by this fact. An effective clause is agreed on as being valid in place of an ineffective clause, when the former achieves an economical result as close as possible to that desired under the original clause; the same applies in the case of an incomplete clause.
  17. Important Copyright Issues PANADENT withholds copyright on its logos, brand names and will take action to defend anyone copying or using it’s logos, names of design aspects.
  18. Promotions Promotions may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. Unless otherwise stated, offers apply to full priced product only. PANADENT reserves the right to change, amend or terminate any offer without prior notice. There is no cash alternative and all terms and conditions are non-negotiable. Promotional codes are valid for one transaction per person and cannot be used on multiple accounts. Any ‘free gifts’ must be returned if the order is cancelled or products are returned bringing the order lower than the threshold to receive the free gift. Promotions may be exclusive to our website and not available in-store. Gift cards are unable to be purchased in conjunction with the promotional discount. Discount codes or gift cards cannot be used for purchase of Gift Cards. If you enter a competition on our website, you comply with the following: Prizes are non-negotiable and non-refundable. Gift certificates are non-transferable to any other person. There is no cash alternative. Prizewinners agree to be included in marketing activity to promote the competition.
  19. Accuracy We have taken care to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website including prices and descriptions of products. However we may need to occasionally refuse an order where there are errors in the description of the products or their prices. All prices are shown including VAT.
  20. Copyright All content on the website is the property of PANADENT and may not be copied or reused.
  21. Trademarks PANADENT UK Ltd and the PANADENT logo are trademarks of PANADENT . Trademarks of PANADENT may not be used without our permission.
  22. Law & jurisdiction This website and any contract created by using it are governed by English Law and any disputes will be resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  23. Disclaimer. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED AT LAW, PANADENT IS PROVIDING THIS WEB SITE AND ITS CONTENT ON AN “AS IS” BASIS AND MAKES NO (AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL) REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THIS WEB SITE OR THE INFORMATION, CONTENT, MATERIALS OR PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN THIS SITE INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN ADDITION PANADENT DOES NOT REPRESENT OR WARRANT THAT THE INFORMATION ACCESSIBLE VIA THIS WEB SITE IS ACCURATE, COMPLETE OR CURRENT. Price and availability information is subject to change without notice. Except as specifically stated on this Web site, to the fullest extent permitted at laws, neither PANADENT nor any of its affiliates, directors, employees or other representatives will be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this Web site or the information, content, materials or products included on this site. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties. For the avoidance of doubt, PANADENT does not limit its liability for death or personal injury to the extent only that it arises as a result of the negligence of PANADENT, its affiliates, directors, employees or other representatives.

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