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Vita NP Bonder – Bridging the reliability gap of bonding ceramic to new generation non precious alloys.

VITA NP BOND provides the user with greater reliability, enabling improved aesthetics when it comes to veneering non-precious metal alloys (NP: non-precious). Through reliable bonding between the metal framework and the veneering ceramic, the new VITA NP BOND material helps prevent errors occurring as a result of CTE tension between the alloy and the ceramic. Ceramic veneering of non-precious metal alloys based on cobalt-chrome (CoCr) is now a routine procedure in dental laboratories. Read more →

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L Protect Illuminated Protection Screen

L Protect - Maximum illumination and Safety

The high-quality LED-shield can be attached with an adapter to virtually all commercial suction units. As a back-up it there is also available an optional table tripod. Read more →

Schick Micromotor Trade-Up Offer

Trade-In your existing micromotor for £150 off the price of a NEW Q Profi Micromotor which has a universal use, rugged, reliable and easy operation. Speed range from 1,000 – 40,000 rpm and 7.5 Ncm performance, the Q Profi is ideally suited for all kind of work in the laboratory. Read more →

Schick G2 Saw Trial Rental Scheme

G2 Concept Saw – time-saving model saw for sectioning models offering this unique feature: the saw cuts from below!

Trial Offer: Try the G2 Saw for yourself to experience how much time it can save you. We offer a  weeks rental for just £40 + vat, with a ‘no questions asked’, returns should you not be completely satisfied with it.  Read more →

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