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Panadent’s mission is to supply products that allow dentists and dental technicians to provide same day service levels for bespoke restorative dentistry at reasonable prices, through CAD CAM automation, better more innovative materials, a team approach combining the expertise of technician and dentists and new techniques. To do this we combine unique education courses with our flagship products from VITA, SIRONA, DREVE.

This Week's Specials

  • Sale!

    Suprinity Blocks and Stains for Cerec and inLab

    £49.50£1,399.50 £49.50£1,399.50
  • Sale!

    Laboratory Duplicating Putty and Resin

    £21.50£139.50 £21.50£139.50
  • Sale!

    Vita Vacumat Porcelain Furnaces

    £2,450.00£5,964.50 £2,450.00£5,964.50
  • Sale!

    Zirconia Furnaces

    £6,400.00£12,950.00 £6,400.00£12,950.00

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