Aims & Objectives:

Understanding the various steps associated with the process of producing digital dentures: scan, design and print.

Adding characterisation material

Achieving In-house production of functional and aesthetic digital full dentures. Evaluation of digital dentures production costs v production costs of conventional dentures

Learning Content

Digital demonstration: Tutor – Mark Pusey – Panadent

Model analysis and design of a full denture work based on an existing data set in the exocad software.

Theoretical: Tutor – Solvey Bossen Vita UK Technical Demonstrator

Introduction of the Vita Vionic Vigo˚ Tooth line for Digital dentures compatible with exocad or 3 Shape software. *Vita VIONIC ˚is compatible with both 3Shape and exocad software

Hands-on: Tutor Solvey Bossen Vita UK Technical Demonstrator

5 Responses

    1. Our first date for this year has been announced as 14th April 2023. There will be more dates announced later in the year.

  1. This sounds great, would you be able to tell me how much the course costs and will it be with the use of ExoCad software?

    1. Hi Shameer,

      The course costs £150 per person which includes VAT, lunch and materials. I will pass your other query onto Mark and let you know what he says

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