VITA VMK Master Margin 12g

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VMK Master Margin, 12g each
MN – neutral
M1 – white
M2 – beige
M3 – yellow
M4 – orange-reddish
M5 – light brown

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VITA VMK Master® MARGIN – for creating an aesthetic transition zone of labially reduced metal copings – can be intensified with VITA INTERNO materials sold separately.

Processing of VITA MARGIN material: The MARGIN powders feature plastification that differs clearly from all other VITA VMK Master powder materials. Thanks to the patented procedure for the manufacture of VITA shoulder (MARGIN) materials, the veneering ceramic can be processed in a similar way as acrylic materials. The plasticity of the mixed material is almost identical to that of veneering resins/composites so that a spatula is perfectly suitable for the application. Thanks to plastification, no special liquid is required for mixing. The material is mixed with the VITA MODELLING FLUID, sold sepparately. To achieve a homogeneous mixing ratio of the MARGIN materials, it is recommended to mix the powders first. The modelling fluid is repelled due to plastification of the MARGIN materials (hydrophobic effect). The material must be mixed with the liquid using a spatula to obtain a dough-like consistency.

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MN, M1, M2, M3, M4, M5




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